Less than two months into the circus we call the Biden Administration (that is ran by anyone but Biden himself) – It has become clear that Joe Biden himself is more adept at waking people up to the truth behind the countless democrat lies than an entire army of right leaning Digital Soldiers ever could be. Libs could sniff us out a mile away and put up their defensive blinders and earplugs long before we ever even got a single word in.

But Biden is ‘their’ guy; and all he does is throw his campaign promises in the garbage to drop bombs on Syria to punish Iran for actions in Iraq. (who exactly does that make sense to?) Kids in Cages, corruption out the wazoo; Oh – And he gaffes… did I mention he gaffes? boy howdy does he gaffe. and gaffe. and gaffe some more. when does he gaffe? your first clue would be that his mouth is open. Just today he forgot what the Pentagon was, and the name of his SecDef – Lloyd Austin. Buyers remorse is setting in quickly with many a Biden voter. The fence sitters who voted Biden simply because they didn’t like President Trump’s mean tweets are mostly all wishing they could get Trump back now. A growing percentage of those who are are farther left of center have also begun to turn on Biden (And Kamala, too, by extension – the great swaparoo they have planned wont even save them). As Biden’s popularity declines further and further into nothingness, those further and further to the left will continue to turn on him. The impact of ‘their’ guy being such a miserable failure is far greater than I (and all my Digital Soldier friends) could have ever hoped to achieve. It becomes difficult to stay motivated when your best efforts get dwarfed so easily by greatest Putz ever to take the oath of office.

I ran myself ragged in the months leading up to Inauguration day – so took a much needed break from writing here – just before the Great Texan Blizzard of ’21… While I was snowed in I came to the realization mentioned in the title of this article. I originally created this website (at the prompting of a good friend – who now hardly speaks to me) to counter the mainstream bullshit narrative and try to get the truth out there. This is not a mission I am setting aside – but I am now questioning the approach chosen. The way forward is as murky as the Swamp in DC – But we shall forge onward until this epic information war is won and over with. Perhaps I will simply document and catalog the Biden failures here as time allows. Perhaps something more will come of it in time – lets hope so.

Sarah Silverman – not the first, wont be the last.

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