As is usual for my writing – this article will continue to evolve as more info comes to my attention.

Despite the massive amount of doom porn floating around the patriot community today due to the recent Hunger Games audition performed on the balcony of the Capitol building, I’m not really that down.

Sure, things don’t appear to be going our way, But I think we should take a few minutes to look at a few things in detail.

Lets first address the Donkey in the room – The possibility that we are actually stuck with a Biden / Harris administration for four years. Texas AG Ken Paxton has promised to challenge any Biden encroachments in federal court. Couple this with the fact that President Trump appointed around 300 federal judges – and Biden looks to be a lame duck right from the start despite having a Kabuki house/senate majority on his side. I still believe this scenario to be highly unlikely.

President Trump has shown nothing but confidence through all of this despite the fact that the left has promised to utterly destroy his entire family. I’m quite sure they intend to just as soon as they emerge from the pending hangover. This level of confidence, along with just about everything President Trump did policy/personnel wise in his last few days, It really looks like there may yet still be a Trump card left to play.

On the flip side of this, nobody in Biden’s camp appears to have much confidence at all. During the Hunger Games inauguration – especially during the prayer and swearing in – eyes were darting all around, scanning rooftops & the horizon as if they expected the hammer to drop on them right then and there. If it’s game over & they won – they sure aren’t acting like it. Have a look at this compilation of evidence that things are not what they seem:

Marines don’t salute, as Biden mutters “Salute the marines” repeating the order from his earpiece.
National Guard troops turn their back to Biden motorcade
Trump told us back in August he would be going away for a while

Biden forced to take a private jet to DC – way outside of the norm. Why wasn’t AF1 or another government aircraft dispatched to pick him up?

To all my Qanon friends out there: To many, Q had reached the status of false deity. This battle was never about Q. Its about Good vs. Evil – to which only the word of GOD applies. Q was just an interesting part of the story – the net result of which is a massive group of dedicated patriots who are willing to devote the time and effort needed to find the truth in all things through all the phony spin and outright propaganda. Many have since lost the faith – But to be clear: Q never promised anything would happen on a specific date, never implied any type of deadline, & never said DJT would be inaugurated on 1/20/21. Q DID say “The end will not be for everyone”. Well that certainly turned out to be correct. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

No, I’m really not that down at all. As President Trump said on his way out: “The best is yet to come”. I’m riding that train no matter what the ending looks like.

Was POTUS trolling US or THEM by speaking in front of 17 flags before he left?

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