First Donald Tober, billionaire swamp creature & owner of the carcinogen factory known as “Sweet’N Low” decided to jump off his luxury high rise apartment building. No further details have surfaced at this time. Perhaps another report will be written on this suicide to fill in the blanks. Its hard to imagine an 89 year old man with parkinsons climbing up to jump out of anything.

Next, and even more notable – Benjamin de Rothschild, the billionaire owner of Edmond de Rothschild group, has died. He was 57. Ruled a heart attack/natural causes – I call bullshit. You wont be seeing any autopsy or toxicology results anytime soon, cause in my opinion it was most likely an intentional drug overdose. The days of planet earth living under the thumb of the Rothschild banking cartel are numbered, and they know it. Watch for more Rothschild deaths in the coming weeks.

Casino magnate and Mega Trump donor Sheldon Adelson has also passed. This will be another story long in the making. Adelson was one of Trump’s greatest friends – and it appears he has been playing a role in the monumental struggle we have been watching play out. For the Singapore NK summit – Kim Jong Un stayed in an Adelson owned Hotel in Singapore, for instance. Most likely Trump helped arrange this because Adelson was considered trustworthy. I believe the death of Sheldon Adelson is no mere accident/natural cause. Its likely he is another casualty of war.

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