Germans who refuse to quarantine will be held in refugee camps under new rules imposed by the the German government.

Not too long ago anyone who mentioned such a thing would have been called crazy by the mainstream media. But like countless other examples during this pandemic, it appears yet another conspiracy theory has turned out to be true.

According to reports, several states in Germany have laid out plans to cordon off sections of camps designed for refugees and place citizens in them, should they decline the mandatory ten-day quarantine period after coming into contact with a Covid positive person.

States can effectively take whatever measures they choose to combat the spread of Covid thanks to the “disease protection act”, an emergency law which was passed by the German Bundestag back in March. 

The states of Brandenburg and Saxony have already confirmed they will detain quarantine-breakers in refugee camps, whilst Baden-Württemberg will use hospital rooms guarded by police and Schleswig-Holstein will use a juvenile detention centre.

These measures are the latest example of freedom being crushed across Europe, which is almost entirely back in lockdown for the foreseeable future. 

Last week, France placed its 67 million citizens under house arrest between the hours of 6pm and 6am, with President Emmanuel Macron seemingly discovering the virus only comes out at night. 

Spain have been under curfew since October, with citizens unable to leave their homes between 11pm to 6am. The so-called “state of alarm” was extended until May 2021, despite the fact that the virus will be far less prevalent in the spring. 

It seems the only way Europe can exit this nightmare is through mass civil disobedience. 

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